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The Word "AFYA" means healthy in a traditional East African language. AFYA integrates health and wellness throughout all aspects of our clinic and spa. AFYA began in 2016 offering skin and body technology and injectables and since then has grown to be South Western Ontario's Premier Medical Spa, Day Spa & Wellness Center. Your journey with us will be unique in its offerings, as we specialize in advanced protocols offered by industry-leading cosmetic providers.  We deeply care about each of our clients and will dedicate a skin and body advisor that will assist them in ensuring that you are always getting the most out of their medical spa treatments, spa services and overall experience with us at AFYA.  

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Our 4 Pillars

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AFYA Skin and Body Clinic couples state-of-the-art cosmetic technology and injectables with modern techniques, performed by incredibly skilled medical professionals including physicians, nurses and medical aestheticians. These laser, RF, ultrasound and light therapy modalities are medical-grade treatments that will help you achieve your healthy, radiant skin and body goals. AFYA caters to all skin types, all genders, non-binary genders, all sizes, and all backgrounds in an open and inclusive environment that makes it safe for you to reach your skin and body goals- the ones specifically Defined by You.

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Integrating Your Medical & Wellness Practitioners for a Truly Science-Based Health & Wellness Journey

As one of AFYA Guelph’s most unique offerings, our medically-integrated wellness clinic provides you with a medical meets holistic approach to your health and wellness by addressing your concerns from the Root Cause. Through seamless collaboration with an interdisciplinary team and a combination of Western medicine and traditional approaches, we will guide you on your journey to improved sleep, reduced stress, balanced hormones, sexual wellness, a more efficient metabolism, and less pain so you can get back to living your best life.

Wellness Journeys for:

Metabolic Management & BodySculpting

Restorative Sleep Journey

Hormone Balancing

Medically Integrated Stress & Anxiety Management
Hair Rejuvenation & Root Cause Discovery

Burnout Recovery Program
Pain Management
Medically Integrated Skin Technology & Root Cause Discovery
Gut Recovery
Vaginal Wellness & Recovery

Optimal Health

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In the heart of Guelph, a stunning oasis of self-discovery, wellness, and relaxation— Glow Spa by AFYA. Celebrating the intersection of the revitalizing benefits of touch and technology, this unforgettable spa experience awaits guests with opulence and a vast array of service choices to soothe the spirit, rejuvenate the body and ease the mind. Glow Spa by AFYA,  offers the pleasure of embracing the unique opportunity to awaken the senses. The Glow Spa caters to human connectivity with its unique "Glow Pods" - an open-concept spa space enveloped in warmth and luxury - where you can experience spa services with friends or on your own with multiple providers offering multiple services simultaneously.

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AFYA for Men is a cosmetic clinic and wellness spa that caters to the specific needs of our male clientele. Skin, hands, feet and body treatments are tailored to your goals to improve your health, wellness and appearance. State-of-the-art technology combined with therapeutic touch provides you with the ultimate in purposeful results and enjoyable experiences. We reserve an exclusive part of the building for our male clientele who have typically not felt comfortable in many cosmetic environments. AFYA for Men gives you access to a service list, providers and clinic & spa environment that caters to your specific skin and body goals- the ones Defined by You.

Nurse Emily gave me my confidence back. She created an amazing treatment plan to make me feel young and rested. She made sure that I was comfortable during each appointment.  I have been with AFYA Skin and Body clinic for 2 years now with no end in sight!

Coming to AFYA Skin and Body was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been looking to get some dermal fillers but I couldn’t find anywhere I trusted and felt comfortable. As soon as I walked into AFYA Med Spa, I knew that I found the place. 5-star rating is seriously not enough!

I loved my experience with AFYA! All the staff were friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, attentive and accommodating during both my consultation and treatments. They even did a follow up courtesy call post treatment! I feel supported during my journey to clear skin! 

A Few of the Team Members

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Joelle Rodenburgh 

Founded AFYA on the Principle that Beauty, Wellness, Health & Happiness should all live in harmony. Striving to make the work a better place through spreading joy through cosmetic and wellness services that give confidence and fuel the soul to live a beautiful and fulling life. 

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Skin Guru Toni

A passionate soul and meticulous eye intersect, allowing Toni the ability to create incredible results and a positive experience for her clients. With honesty, integrity and a drive for perfection, she will get you to your skin and body goals!

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Nurse Vanessa

With an enthusiastic and excitable nature, Vanessa creates treatment plans that have clients meeting all their skin and body goals. Master of injections, and catering to each client's unique goals, her technique is second to none, and you can be assured you are in good hands!


55 Delhi Street, Guelph

192 King Street S, Waterloo

(519) 803-7435

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